Curfew is Over!

Governor Ducey lifts Arizona curfew. Arizonans are now free to stay out all night and party at Curves Cabaret if they want without fear of arrest.- Not a direct quote but you get the picture. “Monday, Gov. Doug Ducey announced he was not going to renew the 8 p.m. curfew he had imposed on May […]


Get in for FREE with this ad. Spend some money on the girls and have a killer night. You need it, they need it. Bring your charitable self and bring a friend, too. We observe Pima county Health Dept. guidelines for COVID19. Masks are recommended but no required. Our full Kitchen is open! Spend some […]

This Week’s Specials

that’s right. $1 beer ( We’re not kidding). $2 import and craft beers. Plus, VIP room entry: They charge- We don’t! Vodka Friday is on. Tito’s, Grey Goose, Ciroc, All Flavors $4.50 Saturday: Bring a friend. Cover is 2-4-1. Free admin with this ad. NO excuse not to come out and have a great time.