Curfew is Over!

Governor Ducey lifts Arizona curfew.

Arizonans are now free to stay out all night and party at Curves Cabaret if they want without fear of arrest.- Not a direct quote but you get the picture.

“Monday, Gov. Doug Ducey announced he was not going to renew the 8 p.m. curfew he had imposed on May 31 following some rioting and looting at Scottsdale Fashion Square. Since that time there have not been major problems.”

So come out, get your party on and give back to some of the very attractive ladies that are waiting for you.


Get in for FREE with this ad. Spend some money on the girls and have a killer night. You need it, they need it. Bring your charitable self and bring a friend, too.

We observe Pima county Health Dept. guidelines for COVID19. Masks are recommended but no required. Our full Kitchen is open! Spend some money on the girls, they need it! Open until 2am.

This Week’s Specials

that’s right. $1 beer ( We’re not kidding). $2 import and craft beers. Plus, VIP room entry: They charge- We don’t!

Vodka Friday is on. Tito’s, Grey Goose, Ciroc, All Flavors $4.50

Saturday: Bring a friend. Cover is 2-4-1. Free admin with this ad. NO excuse not to come out and have a great time.